thinkfood LIVE launches

The end of November saw the launch of a new industry event thinkfood LIVE, which is set to kick off properly in 2023. The launch party for the event was held on 30 November 2022 for suppliers, food and beverage manufacturers, key industry partners, and the media.

The inaugural thinkfood LIVE conference will take place over two days: 25–26 October 2023 in Redfern in Sydney.

“thinkfood LIVE is a brand-new event concept focusing on ingredients, technology, and creative services. This event concept is unique to Australia, so it’s an exciting and innovative opportunity for all to connect,” said commercial director, Siobhan Rocks.

She continued, “There will be exhibiting experts in all key areas covering everything from consumer insights and packaging to design agencies and test kitchens. There will be a key focus on ingredients and flavour houses.”

The launch party on 30 November was attended by a wide range of suppliers, creatives and food development professionals hailing from leading businesses.

Learning how to protect your innovation pipeline within the new challenging landscape will be one of the themes underpinning the thinkfood LIVE conference.

thinkfood LIVE will also host an exhibition with trusted suppliers, showcasing their expertise in product development focussed areas, including ingredients and flavours, creative services, packaging solutions, consumer research, and food science and technology.

The launch party looked towards the inaugural 2023 conference and aimed to provide attendees with an insight into what that event might hold.

“The event will be made up of the specialist industry professionals responsible for specifying ingredients and services to support new product development,” said Felicity Parker, product manager.

She concluded, “We’re thrilled to bring this exciting new event to the food and drink space.”

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