Chocolate Lollipops: Kirsten Tibballs

Chocolate Lollipops: Kirsten Tibballs

Kirsten Tibballs of Melbourne’s Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School demonstrates how to make perfectly presented chocolate lollipops.

During a recent trip to Europe, Kirsten noticed chocolate lollipops with elaborate garnishes appearing in the windows of chocolate shops and patisseries, particularly in France and Belgium.

“I chose to make lollipops for this masterclass because I foresee it being the next big thing in chocolates and pralines in the Australian market,” Kirsten says. “Plus, they have a beautiful crunch from the crispearls and delicious chocolate, which contrasts with the creamy ganache interior.

“There is such a broad range of products and finishes that can be achieved with lollipops by utilising crunchy and smooth textures and delicious ganaches. Lollipops containing only chocolates and inclusions also have quite a long shelf life.”



280g Bulla thickened cream, 35 per cent fat
2 Vanilla beans
40g Callebaut Java 32 per cent couverture
180g Callebaut Madagascar 66 per cent couverture
Dark truffle shells
Lollipop sticks
Callebaut Madagascar 66 per cent couverture
Callebaut Paillette Feuilletine
PCB Silver Metallic powder


Step 1

Boil the cream with the cut and scraped vanilla beans and pour over the Callebaut couvertures


Step 2

Emulsify with a stick blender and cover the ganache with plastic wrap until it cools to below 30°C.

Step 3

Pipe into prepared truffle shells and seal with tempered Madagascar couverture.

Step 4

Place some paillette feuilletine into a bowl and sprinkle with silver metallic powder, stir it through and set aside.

Step 5

Before the couverture sets, place a lollipop stick into each truffle.

Step 6

Once set, dip the prepared lollipop into tempered Madagascar couverture and immediately into the silver paillette feuilletine.


Step 7

Place into a lollipop stand to set.

Savour has a wide range of ingredients and equipment available including all of the requirements for the above recipe.

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