The Grumpy Baker does falafel

A baker pulls loaves of bread out of a giant bread oven on bread pallets (The Grumpy Baker)

Sydney’s CBD has recently welcomed a new version of The Grumpy Baker that we all know and love.

Situated in a tiny little nook on Abercrombie Lane, The Grumpy Baker in Sydney CBD boasts all of same products of its older sister stores.

However, this store has a twist. It also contains a falafel bar.

The tasty chickpea balls are sandwiched into pitas and are available to customers to order alongside the repertoire of breads, croissants, and other tasty things that they’ve come to expect from The Grumpy Baker.

When Michael and Deb Cthurmer opened The Grumpy Baker in 2002, they had visions of recreating the Michael’s childhood memories of trips to bakeries in the early morning to collect fresh bread.

That dream has expanded in the 20 years since its inception, and this new store marks the 11th Grumpy Baker opening.

But why falafel? It provided Michael another opportunity to reflect on his childhood.

“When I was at an agricultural boarding school, we’d run away at night, and there’d be a little place in this little town,” he told Broadsheet.

“It was located in the back of this old lady’s garden shed, and she’d be serving falafel in pita with pickles, tomatoes, cucumber, and tahini—that’s it. I’m going to do the same,” he continued.

“I don’t want to stuff the shit out of the pita.”

Although the store with the falafel bar is new, the idea of it isn’t. Michael says that it’s been in the works for the past three years, it was simply waiting for the right location.

As in the other Grumpy Baker locations, all of the bread is baked fresh on site, including the pitas that house the falafels.

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