The Cheesecake Shop Launches New Tv Commercial

The Cheesecake Shop Launches New Tv Commercial

Cake franchise The Cheesecake Shop has launched a new 30-second television commercial highlighting the journey of the cake from oven to customer.

The new commercial aims to set The Cheesecake Shop apart from other cake brands and also reinforces the brand’s ‘baked on premises’ message.

“What we wanted to achieve was to show a real working kitchen of the store, rather than build a set and fabricate a location,” said the commercial’s director, Matt Lupus.

“The script was honest and genuine, so we had to be too, and that trickled all the way down to props and locations. So what you see on screen is real cakes baked freshly the night before, real working props and actual store locations. I think it all came together with an incredibly beautiful look that feels magical but is absolutely real.”

The commercial has already launched in Western Australia and will be rolled out to eastern states using road-blocking media buys in key viewing periods for grocery buyers aged between 25 and 54.

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