Make-A-Wish and The Cheesecake Shop partner to cre...

Make-A-Wish and The Cheesecake Shop partner to create magic

The Cheesecake Shop and Make-A-Wish Australia cake decorating workshop. Pictured are two young girls with blonde hair tied back. They've got icing on their hands, which they reach towards the camera, anbd two brightly decorated cakes in front of them. Their mum stands between them, smiling.

The Cheesecake Shop and Make-A-Wish Australia teamed up once again to host a cake decorating workshop for Make-A-Wish children and their mothers ahead of Mother’s Day.

At the event, the children were given the chance to design and decorate their own Mother’s Day cakes using The Cheesecake Shop ingredients to give back to their mums.

Led by franchisee Malcolm Flowers, the workshop was declared a great success.

One mother at the event, Cassandra Ebenstreit said it was a great day.

“It’s been hilarious. Watching them have a great time but also be their own little selves.

“… getting every sprinkle they can and all the beautiful colours they love. They’ve had a really great day and are super excited to eat all the sugar.

Lily and Rose Ebenstreit said the day was everything they had imagined it would be.

“[I like] the sprinkles the most. Mum’s going to think it’s delicious and a bit too sweet,” the two said.

The Cheesecake Shop communications specialist Cassie Darcy said The Cheesecake Shop was really proud to partner with Make-A-Wish Australia and New Zealand to help bring happiness and joy to the children, one wish at a time.

“Our goal is to make happy memories for these children,” she said.

“This was a great opportunity for them to come together with their mums and The Cheesecake Shop team to create some fun memories together.”

The Cheesecake Shop is currently in a three-year partnership with Make-A-Wish Australia and New Zealand.

Image: Lily and Rose Ebenstreit with their mother, Cassandra

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