The Cardboard Cake deceives eyes and tastebuds

The Cardboard Cake deceives eyes and tastebuds

For too long those living with Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerances have battled against the perception that gluten-free products taste like cardboard.
Tackling this challenge head-on, the Sydney-based artisan and exclusively gluten-free bakery Wholegreen Bakery teamed up with creative agency The Hallway to create an innovative and groundbreaking cake that is full of flavour and free of gluten.
Crafted carefully and layered to perfection, the intricate cake was designed to deceive eyes and boggle minds.
Cardboard in design but not in flavour, the Cardboard Cake’s unique design will have gluten-free non-believers eating their words – literally.
Featuring a blend of premium ingredients including butterscotch, coffee, cocoa powder, pastry, caramel, and brown rice flour, the cake tastes as impressive as it looks. Proving you don’t need to compromise on taste when observing a gluten-free diet.
Wholegreen Bakery founder Cherie Lyden said, “One of the biggest issues gluten-free providers face is the misconception that gluten-free products don’t taste as good as their non-gluten counterparts, that gluten free products are almost a consolation prize.
“So we thought to ourselves, if people say gluten-free products taste like cardboard, let’s show them a gluten-free [Cardboard] Cake that isn’t a consolation at all.”
The Hallway chief creative officer and parner Simon Lee said, “This is a little cake with a big point to prove: that you can have a gluten free diet and not deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating delicious baked goods.”
“The journey to perfecting the Cardboard Cake was marked by experimentation and ingenuity. Wholegreen Bakery’s team explored various materials and techniques before settling on their groundbreaking method.
“Despite encountering challenges along the way, their unwavering commitment to this challenge ultimately resulted in a product that looks amazing, tastes even better, and promises to delight even the most discerning of palates.”
The Carboard Cake is currently available at Wholegreen Bakery.

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