The best option for single bread tins

Continuing to bring new bakeware ideas to the market, Direct Bakery is introducing a new style of bread tin. The new single aluminium alloy Teflon coated bread tins with slide on lids can reduce baking time by 20-25 per cent thanks to the lightweight alloy material.

External heat coating on the tin allows for immediate loaf colour without the need to burn in the tin. Easy to clean and available across a number of sizes, these bread tins are suitable for low sugar breads and the growing range of speciality breads that are becoming market favourites.

Sizes include 450gm, 900gm, 1000gm and the jumbo loaf 1200gm.

The new style of single bread tins complement Direct Bakery’s existing full range of heavy-duty Teflon coated commercial style bread tins.

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