Sugar Cane Extract

Australian food flavouring company The Product Makers (TPM) has launched sugar cane extract Phytolin.

Research and development, partly funded by the Australian Federal Government, along with ongoing support from the Australian Sugar Industry, enabled the company to use a new proprietary process. They discovered how to isolate polyphenols from the sugar mill processing extract and identified the right amount of polyphenols needed to deliver the best health benefits.

Phytolin is a bioactive material that can be added into commercial food and beverage products. It helps control blood glucose levels and can also be used as a modulator of the digestion of carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, flours, cereals and polysaccharides. 

Sugar Cane Extract

TPM CEO Shane Mitchell says, “The health benefits of Phytolin not only include assisting the management of type 2 diabetes but delivers anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that can address metabolic syndrome. These properties together reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

“Our commitment to this concept from inception, through development to launch has resulted in an Australian world-wide first. We’re incredibly proud that there is no other product available in the market, anywhere in the world, that provides the health benefits and bioactive properties of Phytolin,” he says.

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