Strawberry Saga

Businesses across the food industry are incorporating strawberries in their menus to combat the strawberry saga currently affecting Australian farmers. More than 100 cases of contaminated fruit have been reported to police with sewing needles and metal objects having been found inserted inside fruit.

While the original saboteur has not been caught, police believe copycats have replicated the dangerous prank, which is adversely affecting farmers.

In response to the sabotage, supermarkets have pulled mass amounts of stock from the shelves with even more fruit being mass dumped.

Wholesale strawberry prices have dropped by more than 50 per cent and hospitality businesses have been capitalising on lower prices while also encouraging continued consumption of the fruit to their customers.

KOI Dessert Bar in Sydney told Hospitality Magazine, “It’s such a shame to see tonnes of strawberries being wasted due to the contamination. As a business in the food industry, it’s important to appreciate where our produce comes from. It’s a continued mutual symbiotic relationship really; we’ve got each other’s backs.”

KOI promoted the use of Australian strawberries in their Almond Panna Cotta via Instagram where they encouraged others to continue to support strawberry saga growers.

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