Strawberries And Cream Moussecake


Part 1

• 100g cream cheese (room temperature)
• 50g sugar
• 500g whole frozen strawberries (we freeze strawberries that are not quite good enough for display/decorating – a great way to use less than perfect strawberries and minimise waste)
• 200g melted white chocolate
• 100ml water (boiled)
• 15g gelatine (powdered or leaf)

Part 2

• 1kg fresh thickened cream
• 200g castor sugar
• 50g stabiliser
• Pink colour (if needed)

Strawberry syrup

• 500g sugar
• 200g water
• 100g Baitz strawberry liqueur

Cake assembly

You will require a:
• 6-inch-high sponge
• 200g fresh whipped cream
• 5 strawberries
• Glazing gel
• White chocolate decorations


Part 1

1. Add cream cheese and sugar to a mixing bowl and cream until smooth.

2. Add strawberries and mix until they are broken through to the desired consistency.

3. Dissolve gelatine in boiled water and stir in the melted white chocolate.

4. Allow to sit while part two is made.

5. For more flavour and colour, simply add more strawberries.

Part 2

1. Whip all ingredients until thickened to form a peak with the whisk.

2. Add part one to part two and mix until smooth and combine.

3. Use in the cake as required; before spreading on the cake you may need to allow the mix to sit and stabilise for five minutes.

Strawberry Syrup

• Boil water and sugar to make the syrup, simmer for one minute

• Add liqueur and store in fridge

Cake Assembly

No doubt every bakery already has their own fresh cream and sponge recipes, so let’s not re-create the wheel. This is simply a cake assembly process from here.


1. Cut sponge into three layers and spread them out.

2. Brush strawberry syrup onto base layer.

3. Add mousse to a piping bag and pipe a nice even layer over the base sponge.

4. Add the second layer and brush again with syrup (enough to soak in and moisten the sponge).

5. Pipe a layer of fresh cream.

6. Add the third layer of sponge and syrup.

7. Pipe another layer of mousse on top of the sponge.

8. The layer cake is now ready for its decorations; the decorations are up to the user – we love to use glazed strawberries and white chocolate decorations as everybody loves these.

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