Self Raised Bread Shoppe hits the streets

Self Raised Bread Shoppe hits the streets

Exterior of cafe (self raised)

A new bakery has recently opened in Sydney’s suburbs, and it has been well-visited ever since. Self Raised Bread Shoppe is the creation of the team behind the much-loved pizzeria, My Mother’s Cousin in Bexley North.

Headed up by Amani Rachid, her brother Huss Rachid, and their business partner Sal Senan, Self Raised has only been open since the beginning of the month, when its soft launch took place.

This is not the trio’s first foray into the world of baking. In addition to their highly successful pizzeria, My Mother’s Cousin, they used to own Rockdale bakery Nineteen 43 before opening My Mother’s Cousin.

“All our places are involved in baking, and we just thought the next logical step is a bakery,” Sal told The Daily Telegraph.

“In Sydney, everyone loves bread,” he continued.

Self Raised is located in Carlton, which is a little bit out of the hustle and bustle of the daily Sydney grind. It’s a place that doesn’t have too many bakeries.

Sal said, “I grew up in the area, but for me personally, if I wanted freshly baked bread, I would go to Marrickville or the city. So, we thought, let’s make it accessible. That’s our model. Give back to the community we grew up in. These suburbs should get the love the inner west gets.”

Since the opening, Self Raised has had an enthusiastic response from customers both in person and online, with many visitors taking to social media to share their love for and excitement about the store and its products.

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