School tuckshop in the spotlight for its in-house ...

School tuckshop in the spotlight for its in-house baking

Usually the domain of pre-packaged pies and sausage rolls, tuckshops in Australian schools tend to get a bit of a bad rap for their quality and health ratings, despite being important sources of fundraising.

However, one Queensland primary school’s hard-working tuckshop made it onto breakfast TV royalty, appearing on the TODAY show in May.

Chancellor State College at Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast runs a canteen where everything is made fresh onsite by volunteers, including pies, sausage rolls and cakes.

P&C president Kylie McDonald told TODAY weatherman Tim Davies, “We’re a fresh-made tuckshop, with fresh food cooked every day. There’s nothing like a warm pie on a rainy day.”

Additionally, this unique canteen has a barista who makes fresh, hot coffee for the teachers and parents, ensuring they’re fuelled and ready for the important job of educating children, as well as hot chocolates for the lucky students.

As an indicator of the size of the job, the tuckshop also bakes a whopping 12-dozen fresh muffins daily, which are very popular with the schoolkids.

“The kids absolutely love them,” Kylie told the host.

“There’s nothing like a warm muffin with a hot chocolate, and parents love the coffee every morning.”

The days of scraping together change and writing your order on a paper bag are over too—families can pre-order for the week or on a daily basis using an app, making school lunches convenient for busy mums and dads.

“We’re all stressed, and the morning rush is a busy one, so it makes it a lot easier when we can order online and kids get to know a healthy pie with lots of hidden vegetables,” Kylie said.

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