Sandwich shop Eat at Billy’s joins classic Brisban...

Sandwich shop Eat at Billy’s joins classic Brisbane butcher

Not a F*$&en Reuben Sandwich by Eat at Billy's

Billy Gibney is best known in Brisbane for his successful butcher, Meat at Billy’s. Now, the team at Meat at Billy’s has expanded to something new: Eat at Billy’s, a new sandwich spot located next to the original store in Rosalie, Brisbane.

The new sandwich eatery opened earlier this month and has experienced a massive rush ever since. In fact, more often than not, they have been sold out of sandwiches since opening.

“While selling out quickly every day is, on one hand, a good thing (for us), it’s not enjoyable for anyone who misses out, and that’s certainly not what we’re aiming for. In a perfect world, we’d be bang on every day with our numbers and never have to say no to anyone,” Eat at Billy’s wrote in a social media post.

The reason for this selling out is simple: quality ingredients and well-made sandwiches. The range at Eat at Billy’s is simple: four sandwiches, a couple of extras, and a range of cold beers and other beverages.

“Obviously the sandwich trend is huge now, but we’re jumping in with our own perspective. The easiest way to describe that is this is what a butcher would put between two pieces of bread,” Billy told The Weekend Edition.

“The one thing I noticed of places here in Brisbane and in Melbourne was the meat wasn’t as generous as what we can do,” Billy went on to say.

“That’s always going to be my signature. We really want to showcase the meat and have a generous portion per serving. We’re a bit lucky—being a butcher, we can be a bit more giving, so to speak.”

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