Rustica makes the move to Sydney

Rustica makes the move to Sydney

Rustica shopfront

Popular Melbourne Bakery, Rustica, has recently announced that it will be making the move to Sydney, expanding its reach from the several bakeries, pubs, wholesale business, and coffee roaster that it has in Victoria.

The newest iteration of Rustica, which was started in 2012 by Brenton Lang, will take the same form and shape as the original Rustica.

“It’ll be a replica of our flagship in South Yarra,” Brenton told Broadsheet.

“It’s based on a large, open floor plan, and every area is on show through glass.”

The exact location of the Sydney-based Rustica is being kept secret for the moment, but Brenton has revealed that it will be somewhere in Paddington. The new location is currently set to open in early 2024.

The new store will serve all of the classics that are served at the Melbourne locations of the business. Its sourdough will, once again, take the main stage, fermented for a minimum of 40 hours and made from premium flour. The new bakery will serve breakfast and lunch.

“We’ll serve everything all day, and, given the lunch scene in Sydney, we’ll probably have longer lunches towards the end of the week,” Brenton said.

A small difference between Rustica Paddington and its Melbourne counterparts will be the wine list, which will be more extensive at the new location and will contain more of a premier, ‘sommelier-style’ selection.

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