Rural shop owner fed up with unreasonable demands

Rural shop owner fed up with unreasonable demands

One small rural shop owner in coastal WA has had enough of city tourists’ unreasonable smoothie demands, reports ABC news.

Jo Bumbak, owner of Bumbak’s Preserves and Ice Creams in Carnarvon, says that she was “pushed to breaking point” by city tourists who wanted avocado milk in their smoothies.

“I explained that we only do dairy-based, but if they would like other types of smoothies we just can’t accommodate,” Jo told The ABC.

“We don’t have access to the wholesalers that the city people have and so we just can’t carry all the different types of stocks that you may be used to.”

Despite Bumbak’s explanation, the customers didn’t back down.

“They just kept coming back saying, ‘You should be accommodating’, ‘It’s not hard, you can buy almond milk’ or, ‘You can offer other things’.

“We just felt like they were attacking us,” she said.

Following the incident, Jo Bumbak decided to put out a sign informing customers that “No means no.”

“We are not a cafe in the town centre so we cannot accommodate soy, almond, vegan, low fat, etc in our products,” the sign reads.

“We are just a small farm shop with a baby kitchen!”

The sign has received an amazing response, said Jo.

She hopes it will help tourists understand that they are a small rural shop.

“I think customers in general are getting a bit tired of the orders that aren’t necessarily dietary requirements but are preferenced requirements.”

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