Rolled Fondant With A Signature Flavour

Rolled Fondant With A Signature Flavour

Satin Ice Rolled Fondant is now available to the Australian baking and retail markets. Satin Ice exploded in the US baking industry about a decade ago and cake decorating hasn’t been the same since.

“Historically, the taste of fondant has never been very popular, until Satin Ice was created. Folks rave about our signature vanilla flavour,” Satin Fine Foods founder, Kevin O’Reilly said.

Expanding it’s reach to more than 30 countries to date, Satin Ice is preferred by the top international names in cake decorating because of its ease of use. Smooth and pliable, Satin Ice will add elegance to any cake.

Satin Ice is available in 16 bright and pastel colours and is available in chocolate as well.

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