Blast Chiller Saves Time And Money

Blast Chiller Saves Time And Money

With a Tecnomac blast chiller you can decrease or eliminate the costs associated with labour during the night as well as overtime. It is also possible to increase your product offering. The Tecnomac blast chiller/freezer is becoming an important tool in modern bakeries. Apart from the chilling of raw, pre-cooked and cooked products, the power and quality of Tecnomac blast chillers allows for the freezing of pre-leavened products such as special breads, pizzas and focaccias.

For patisseries the use of the Tecnomac blast chiller/freezer allows you to create special decorations and speed up the production process. Blast freezing at -18°C and blast chilling at +3°C enables you to work more efficiently, reduce preparation times, save on storage space and increase food quality and safety.

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