Robert De Niro Stars in Bagel Advert

Oscar winner Robert De Niro is featured in a new commercial for popular UK bagel brand Warburtons.

Inspired by De Niro’s popular 90’s film Goodfellas, the gangster-style commercial sees Robert De Niro and his thugs confronting the chairman of Warburtons (Jonathon Warburton). De Niro details his plan to take over the bagel empire by repackaging the Warburtons bagels as ‘Goodbagels’ and distributing them.

While Jonathon Warburton innocently thinks this is a movie pitch and is enthusiastically all for it saying, “how does it end?” with De Niro replying, “not well”, before the thug behind Warburton unrolls masking tape.

De Niro follows in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone and The Muppets who have previously been featured in Warburtons commercials.

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