Queensland Bakery Helps Refugee Start New Lives

Queensland Bakery Helps Refugee Start New Lives

A Queensland bakery is helping refugees find their feet.

The Abboud Bakery, located in Logan south of Brisbane, is the brainchild of Syrian refugee and chef George Tabbakh, Brisbane lawyer Angelo Anthony, and Coco Bliss franchisee Gus Khcheiche.

Under George’s watchful eye, the Abboud Bakery will serve traditional Middle Eastern delicacies such as shakshuka dishes, meat bakery treats with kafta and lahembajin pizzas, as well as baklava and knafe—a traditional dessert made from thin noodle-like pastry infused with a sugar-based syrup, layered with cheese, clotted cream or nuts.

According to Brisbane Times, the decision to create the queensland bakery was born when Mr Anthony and Mr Khcheiche met Mr Tabbakh with the hope to help provide opportunities to refugees.

Mr Khcheiche said Mr Tabbakh has a passion for the food industry but was unable to find work.

“To have experienced such a loss with family and to have seen their family bakery taken from them in a war-torn country, leave their home and start fresh in Brisbane is a touch thing to do,” he said.

“We forget sometimes how fortunate we are to live in Australia and need to remember to help those who are deserving of a second chance.”

Mr Anthony told the website that the bakery would introduce people to the rich culture of the Middle East through its wonderful food, coffee and people who would work there.

“To be able to enjoy interesting and delicious food, to receive a warm welcome and make a sincere connection with people from different cultures, sends a powerful welcoming message to the whole community,” he said.

“George will work in Abboud Bakery for a few years before taking it over as his own business. We see this as a great way to give migrants arriving in Australia a helping hand to start their new life in this wonderful country.”

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