Precisely Measured Heat And Humidity

Precisely Measured Heat And Humidity

The new Rational SelfCooking Center whitefficiency, available from Comcater, promises previously unmatched cooking output and quality, a much broader range of cooking applications, greater flexibility and capacity of loads and the efficient utilisation of required resources.

The new features of SelfCooking Center whitefficiency are the patented ‘HiDensityControl’ and ‘Efficient LevelControl’, as well as the CareControl automatic cleaner.

HiDensityControl ensures that heat and humidity are precisely introduced and metered intelligently into the cooking cabinet exactly when they are required according to the food type, size of the load and the desired result.

Efficient LevelControl makes food production and service considerably more efficient and suggests which foods can be cooked together. It corrects the cooking time according to the load size and how often and how long the door is opened.

The new generation CareControl detects when the unit requires cleaning or care and suggests the optimum cleaning level. This provides savings of up to 40 per cent compared to conventional automatic cleaning programs. Contact Comcater.

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