Pioneers in Artisan Flour Australia’s Leadin...

Pioneers in Artisan Flour Australia’s Leading Bakers

The Neale family has provided Australia’s leading bakers and wholesalers with superior, locally grown, certified organic, stone ground and roller milled chemical-free grains and pioneers in artisan flours for over 40 years.

Australian Sustainable Products was launched three years ago, the most innovative, traceable chemical-free food system developed since certified organic. The certification fundamentals include: increased soil fertility, prohibited use of fertilisers and chemicals, dedicated on farm nature reserves that promote biodiversity. The result is increased nutritional pioneers in artisan flour that is verified chemical-free, within a complete certified system.

Recently, Wholegrain Milling has reintroduced heritage wheat varieties that do not contain the modern Mexican Dwarf gene, which changed the production of wheat worldwide. These older varieties are not bred in a laboratory and their regional characteristics that target taste, flavour and baking performance as opposed to high yields.

The baking performance is superior with a distinctive taste and flavour not found in modern wheat flour.

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