New Plant Based Baker Blends Are Launching

New Plant Based Baker Blends Are Launching

Nuttelex Foods, the Aussie owned manufacturer of plant-based butters, are launching a new commercial line-up of four bulk-sized Nuttelex Baker Blends.

According to Nuttelex CEO John Rishworth, “Nuttelex Baker Blends are a premium quality, high fat content, GM free, and plant-based butter substitute.

“Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and allergy friendly, we have designed each Nuttelex Baker Blend to suit a wide range of baking applications both small scale and large,” he said.

Available in 15-kilogram blocks there is a Cookie and Pastry Blend; A Palm Oil Free Coconut Blend; a Cake and Muffin Blend plus the Nuttelex Original Blend, which also comes in a 2-kilogram tub.

Free from nuts, soy, dairy, lactose, corn, eggs and gluten, Nuttelex Baker Blends are preservative free, and contain only natural colours and flavours.

Contact Nuttelex for more information.

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