Pieman’s Son: A legacy of pies

Pieman’s Son: A legacy of pies

Pat Cremean, son of Terry Cremean, who founded the now-defunct Melbourne institution Boscastle Pies, has recently followed in his father’s footsteps by opening up his own pie show. Pieman’s Son picks up where the old shop left off, even using traditional family recipes from Boscastle.

“I absolutely loved working [at Boscastle Pies],” Pat told Broadsheet.

“I’ve grown up in a pie company for basically my whole life; as a kid, I remember kicking pastry around the factory and bringing party pies to all the parties—my mates used to love it. When it was sold, I didn’t know what to do with myself.”

In the time after Terry sold Boscastle Pies in 2018, Pat worked a number of corporate jobs, but the free time brought about by COVID allowed him to turn back to his pie roots. In 2021, Pat hosted a charity pie sale, and the old fans of Boscastle Pies showed up once more.

“The response was amazing, people who hadn’t been able to get our sorts of pies for a few years were champing at the bit—they just couldn’t go enough of them,” Pat said.

Since opening in Heidelberg Heights earlier this year, Pieman’s Son has been incredible busy. So busy, in fact, that Pat has had to rope his dad in to give him a hand.

“It’s forced him out of retirement temporarily, just to give me a hand. It’s reminding him of what he was like when he first started out, so he’s absolutely loving it,” Pat said.

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