Penne Bolognaise Pie

Australian Baking Business catches up with rugby league star turned bakery executive Sean (Garlo) Garlick to hear about one of Garlo’s Pies best winter sellers.

iconic Sydney pie maker garlo’s pies now produce more than 10,000 pies a day and have just fitted out a brand new 1350sq m facility.

“we’re after the quintessential aussie pie at garlo’s pies, however this doesn’t mean we have to focus on hearty beef fillings,” garlo’s pies chief executive officer Sean garlick says

“the penne bolognaise pie is actually one of our best sellers, particularly on those chilly Sydney winter days.”

warming and very filling, this pie encompasses penne pasta in a rich tomato and beef bolognaise sauce, all in a traditional pie pastry casing.


Makes 1 family pie or five 220g pies

Preparing Time

30 minutes

Cook Time

20 minutes


• Ready-rolled shortcrust pastry for the pie bottoms
• Ready-rolled puff pastry for the pie tops

Penne Bolognese Pie Filling

• 400g lean minced beef
• 50g onion
• Salt, pepper, garlic and herbs to taste
• 100g tomato paste
• 75g cornflour
• 100g penne pasta cooked
• 350ml water


1. Prepare the meat filling as you would for normal bolognaise sauce, adding the pasta and cornflour at the end;

2. Line a 24cm pie dish with shortcrust pastry and trim the edges;

3. Fill to the top with bolognaise filling;

4. Cover with puff pastry and seal the edges making a little hole in the top to allow steam to escape;

5. Brush with egg yolk; and

6. Bake in a hot oven (230°c for 20 minutes or until the top pastry is golden brown).

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