Pastry Skills An Open Secret

The Australian team competing at the Asia Pastry Cup in Singapore used an industry open day to improve their chances at the international competition in April.

Le Cordon Bleu head patisserie chef Andre Sanderson and graduate Justin Yu demonstrated their skills to a who’s-who of the baking and pastry world in a run-through based on competition conditions.

Held at Continental Patisserie in South Strathfield, Sydney, the March 25 event was organised by Hunter TAFE teacher Dean Gibson. Team manager and Continental Patisserie owner Jian Yao converted his office into a space replicating the Singapore competition kitchen to aid the team.

“We wanted the boys working in the same conditions as Singapore, so when they go there basically they know exactly where the equipment is and the space so they get used to it,” Jian told Australian Baking Business.

Bakers and pastry chefs from as far as Hong Kong, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney came to the open day. Adriano Zumbo, the Australian gelato team, Brett Noy, Artisan Baking Cup competitor Shayne Greenman and dozens of other industry members provided feedback on their techniques.

“It’s just magnificent what they’ve done, they’ve really thought about the ergonomics of the whole space to make it easier for them to work, to have everything right beside where they need it so they’re not wasting time,” Shayne said

Jian said he wanted the Australian Pastry Team to have an open connection with the baking industry and the event was highly beneficial.Australia will compete in Singapore April 18-19 at FHA Singapore Hall 1.

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