Oh My Bread: a reboot

Oh My Bread: a reboot

After being a Brisbane institution for many years, the incredibly popular Crust & Co had to close down last year as a result of the floods that swept through Southeast Queensland. Now, after a long hiatus, the team is rebooting the bakery under the name, Oh My Bread, in a different, flood-safe, location in Grange.

“We thought we could start again, but after we assessed all the damage, we realised we wouldn’t be able to,” Sebastien Pisasale, owner of Oh My Bread, told The Weekend Edition.

He continued, “Everything was gone—we had 2.4m of water inside the building. We knew we couldn’t do it, at least not in this location—we’d need at least six months to start again.”

The new bakery has set up shop in the old location of Bella & Tortie, which closed in December last year and is currently also in the process of rebooting. The new location is also not too far away from the location of the old Crust & Co, and former head baker Trifide Belkacemi is also back on board. The bakery has been open for just over a week now and is seeing the return of many loyal Crust & Co customers.

But Oh My Bread is not merely a copy of Crust & Co. The new bakery has a new focus.

Sebastien said, “The idea is to focus on the retail—no more wholesale. One reason is that it gives us a bit more of a life, and the other reason is that we can focus on the quality of the retail product and on the quantities.

“There’s plenty of new stuff. We’ve changed the recipe for the croissant and changed the Danishes—instead of using compote, we are using fresh fruit now, which is great. Instead of doing 250 Danishes a night, we’re doing 30, but we’re making them perfect.”

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