North Street Store crew open new buffet-style vent...

North Street Store crew open new buffet-style venture

The North Street Store crew have opened up a new venture, the Peoples Cafeteria, bringing home cooking and a no-frills buffet service to inner-city Perth, Broadsheet reports.

After the success of café grocer North Street Store, co-owners Lachlan Bisset and Craig Stewart are expanding their business, but staying true to their values. The Peoples Cafeteria in Northbridge harkens back to a simpler time in cooking, pre-Instagram, focusing less on aesthetics and more on nutrition and good food.

While the dishes may be simple, they are far from careless. Their chickpeas are a plump afghani variety grown in Western Australia.  The roast chicken is cooked in charcoal tandoor and generously seasoned. The salads are crisp and nutritious. Bisset and Stewart are delivering on all the charms and simplicity of home cooked food without the washing up afterwards.

“You can come and you can get some meat and salad for lunch that’s not a composed salad or a pub side salad, but actually – you know – a combination of raw fresh fermented vegetables, cooked vegetables, grains, lentils, pulses. This is a place where you eat from the [food] pyramid and prioritise proper nutrition” Bisset told Broadsheet.

The dining area is equally as humble. The cafeteria space, converted from a former Chinese restaurant, features a jumble of table and chairs and a warm colour palette.

For fans of North Street Store, the Peoples Cafeteria also offers a selection of their fresh breads and bakery items for takeaway.

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