Big Loaf Factory Bakery: When bigger is better

Big Loaf Factory Bakery: When bigger is better

The dream team behind Perth-based North Street Store and Little Loaf are preparing to add a new member to their baking family, Big Loaf Factory Bakery.

Dream team Lachlan Bisset and Craig Stewart know how to meet the needs of their clientele.

In 2017 the duo opened North Street Store in Cottlesloe, building on the premise of the local hot bread shop that stocked comforting lunch and dinner options alongside loaves of bread and cinnamon scrolls. Next came Little Loaf in 2019, a truly tiny niche bakery that swiftly became legendary for it award-winning baguettes. And now they have announced their latest venture, Big Loaf Factory Bakery.

As the name suggest, Big Loaf Factory Bakery will be about thinking and baking big.

“We’re going to make a lot of bread, we’re not ashamed to say it,” Lachlan said to

“We’re going to make the best bread there is. We don’t believe the only way you can be an artisan bakery is if you’re tiny. Everybody deserves to eat good bread.”

Housed in a 650sq m former ice cream factory in O’Connor, the larger premises will allow Lachlan and Craig to ramp up the production of baguettes, sourdoughs and other staples they’re bringing with them from North Street Store and Little Loaf. In fact, the rate of manufacturing is expected to triple once Big Loaf opens its doors.

Lachlan said he is hoping to offer a different rye bread option each day, while Stewart dreams of putting challah – a braided Jewish Sabbath bread – back on the menu. What’s more, they both speak of the possibilities of dedicating a space to a research and development lab.

“We really want to push it all the way at both ends,” Craig said.

“There’ll be good table bread for everyone and then we can have very experimental, specialised stuff for our stores.”

Big Loaf Factory Bakery will open its doors in October 2020.

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