No tricks only treats for bakers this Halloween

No tricks only treats for bakers this Halloween

We can probably all agree that to date, the year 2020 has just been one big trick, so it’s no tricks, only treats for bakers and their customers this Halloween.

It may be more popular in the US, but the holiday has really taken off in Australia as well in recent years with kids trick or treating, neighbourhood parties, decorations, and of course dressing up for Halloween becoming a fun tradition across the country. This year with COVID-19 restrictions in place in many areas it’s unlikely to be the big occasion it has been in past years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the “spooky” month!

Bakers love a theme as much as the next person, and it’s an absolute delight to see all of the spooky and sweet Halloween creations by our bakers filling our Instagram feed (and our bellies!) before we get bombarded with Christmas treats.

From meringue ghosts and pumpkins and green and orange bagels to pumpkin cheesecakes and incredible sugar cookies and cakes, the level of imagination brings some joy to a pretty bleak year. Here are just a few creations that have crossed our path:



Are you making Halloween-themed goods this year? Make sure you tag us on Instagram so we can admire and drool over it (and of course share it with our followers)! Remember, no tricks, only treats this year!

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