New documentary tells tale of epic bakery fraud

New documentary tells tale of epic bakery fraud

Over the course of nine years, a whopping $16 million was embezzled from Corsicana, Texas’s revered Collin Street Bakery, the world’s most famous purveyor of fruitcake. Now, a new documentary series takes viewers to the heart of the small town rocked by the scam, telling the tale of this epic bakery fraud.

Director Celia Aniskovich takes a look at how the bakery, which has been making fruitcakes in red tins for over 125 years and ships them all over the world, had $16 million stolen from them over the span of eight years.

Aniskovich interviews bakery executives and employees, as well as a few of the more informed citizens of Corsicana, a longstanding oil town with lots of old money and a gossipy social hierarchy. She also talks to Christine Edson, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation. Through these interviews, viewers learn about the bakery’s history—including the fact it generates about $30 million of revenue per year. However, between 2005 and 2013, despite steady sales, the bakery didn’t appear to make any money.

The series gets to the heart of how the company’s unassuming controller managed to embezzle almost $17 million over an eight-year period before being caught.


This tale, which includes lavish jewellery, luxury cars, private jet travel, prison and, ultimately, suicide, is available to stream on Prime Video.

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