M&M’s Crispy chocolate spread launches ...

M&M’s Crispy chocolate spread launches in Australia

Lockdown has gotten a little bit brighter for those in affected areas, as M&M’s Crispy chocolate spread launches in Australia.

The M&M’s Crispy Spread can be found in convenience stores across Australia and is stocked by several online retailers. Although it is apparently not a super new product, it has recently come into the spotlight for Aussies after Go-To Skincare founder Zoe Foster Blake discovered it and posted it to her Instagram stories.

“I should not have bought this because now it’s in our house. Where our mouths are. What has become of me? This is not food,” she joked on her Instagram Stories.

Other shoppers have bought into the hype and given the product—which retails for $13.99—a try, commenting that it’s well worth it (and one shopper saying the sugar high resulted in two days without sleep!).

“I was a bit dubious about the product at first but I decided to try it—and I am glad I did. It’s a lovely, crispy with chocolate spread. I will be buying it again for sure,” one convert wrote.

Another said: “This taste like a piece of heaven,” while another added: “We love it. It’s so creamy and sweet.”

People are reporting that as a result of its recent popularity, many retailers are out of stock, leaving desperate M&M’s connoisseurs to pay $34 a jar on Amazon.

The chocolate spread comes just weeks after M&M’s joined forces with Hubba Bubba to create a nostalgic bubblegum-flavoured chocolate product.

While the M&M’s don’t actually contain gum, each piece of chocolate candy has a Hubba Bubba-inspired flavoured shell (think Groovy Grape and Seriously Strawberry!).

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