Meat Pie Competition To Support Baking Industry

Meat Pie Competition To Support Baking Industry

The recently launched Best Aussie Meat Pie Competition will benefit from its industry ownership, according to event organisers Baking Associations of Australia (BAA).

The upcoming event, to be held as part of Melbourne’s FoodService Australia in May 2012, will be the industry’s only nationally recognised competition and will feature a team of professional judges and high-profile celebrity guest judges.

“We believe it has to be run by industry for the industry and at industry standards,” BAA executive officer Tony Smith said.

The new competition will be held alongside the already established Great Pastie Competition. As well as trophies, the BAA are offering the winner of the pie and pastie competitions a public relations and marketing package.

“It will assist the winners in marketing and being able to access the correct media people to help promote their product and make the consumer aware,” Tony said.

The competition’s rules will be formulated from a national criteria in conjunction with other peak industry bodies, including Meat and Livestock Australia, the Pork Board, Sydney Fruit and Vegetable Markets and Coeliac Association.

Competition categories will include beef, gourmet chicken, gourmet seafood, vegetarian, pork and open gourmet.

“Gourmet pies are where everyone is starting to think outside the square with quality ingredients,” Tony said.

Pie and pastie ingredient demonstrations will be held at FoodService Australia for the two days leading up to the judging day. The line up of judges will announced after Christmas.

Registration forms will be available to bakers at the end of January and can be downloaded from

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