Maximum Convenience, Minimum Waste

Maximum Convenience, Minimum Waste

Now it’s easier than ever to offer your customers a dollop of fresh extra thick cream to accompany cakes, fruits and desserts.

New Dollop Cream Portions from Bulla are a 22ml serving of rich extra thick cream in a hygienic and convenient single-serve portion control pack ideal for casual dining, take away and catering.

Unique to the Australian foodservice market, these new portion control packs have been designed to maximise food safety and hygiene, while making storage and serving a breeze.

Bulla Dollop Cream Portions are delivered frozen for extended shelf life. In fact, you can safely store them in the freezer until ready to use for up to six months after their date of manufacture. Once thawed, Bulla Dollop Cream Portions stay fresh for a further five days.


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