Mars under fire for offshore production

Mars under fire for offshore production

Mars has come under fire after eagle-eyed shoppers noticed many of their popular products have moved to offshore production.

The confectionary giant‘s Australian product pages on Facebook have been swamped by angry customers who have bought Mars chocolate believing they are supporting Australian made, only to find that products are being manufactured in China, Egypt, and the Netherlands.

Chocolate fans noticed the difference in Snickers as far back as last year, and demanded to know when manufacturing would return to the company’s Australian factory in Ballarat.

“Why are snickers bars made in China? Mars Bars, Cherry Ripes, Kit Kat’s are all made in Australia. Why are we importing Snickers?”


“I purchased two Snickers bars from Coles; they’re made in CHINA. So rude when we think we are supporting Australia.”

“How cheeky are you calling your page Snickers Australia when you’re not even making Snickers in Australia anymore? I did hear that it was a temporary situation while awaiting factory upgrades, but this seems doubtful given the amount of time these ‘upgrades’ appear to be taking. After all, Optus stadium was built in 36 months … I hardly think we can be expected to believe that Mars factory upgrades warrant the same amount of time. Please, bring Snickers home.”

Snickers responded to some comments, stating they are working hard to complete upgrades and bring manufacturing back to Ballarat, but they did not specify a timeframe on when this would occur.

Some customers even claimed to be able to detect a difference in taste between the bars made in Australia and ones manufactured overseas:

“The Chinese-made ones are disgusting. I never thought I’d ever say that with them being my favourite chocolate bar for years now. I will not be buying another one until made here.
I would rather you not have Snickers on the shelves than to have this rubbish. The number of complaints speaks volumes. Just be honest with your customers.”

A spokesman for Mars-Wrigley Australia told Daily Mail Australia the company remained committed to manufacturing its products domestically.

“We continue to manufacture our much-loved Maltesers, M&Ms, Pods, Mars, and Milky Way products at our Ballarat factory in regional Victoria,” the spokesman said.

“To ensure we can continue to manufacture our products in Australia, we continue to invest in the factory, this includes ongoing upgrades to our Snickers manufacturing line.

“During this time we are sourcing Snickers from our Jiaxing facility near Shanghai, China.”

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  1. Steve

    7 April

    This is very unfortunate, here we go again a huge company want to save a few bucks by manufacturing in China. I going to be very blunt now, I feel like vomiting when I put something in my mouth that is made in China. So no surprise Mars I won’t be buying Snickers until they are made back in Australia..

  2. Lee

    30 May

    Just found out … boycotting snickers until there made back in Australia

  3. Craig

    1 July

    Yuk, just found the tiny made in china, they will get an earful tomorrow!

  4. Det

    29 July

    wow , def wont be buying mars products any more..Chinese rubbish ! No more snickers …back to Cadbury i go !

    • Kelly James

      17 August

      Fair enough — there are also lots of small, local chocolate makers in Australia to check out!

  5. J schofield

    2 August

    If you cant make snickers in australia call them mars china chocolate taste like dirt china not famous for there chocolate only viruses charge more and make them here if you have to i can send you these back or put in bin youre greed has ruined a great product

  6. J schofield

    2 August

    Let me know when you start making snickers in australia again china made ones taste like dirt

  7. Peter J

    12 September

    We as a family never buy any food products made,processed or packed in China,nothing to do with the recent covid situation buy due to the fact China hasn’t any central food hygiene laws, their food track record isn’t good our health is important. Stay safe

  8. Peter

    22 September

    As soon as I tasted the Chinese made snickers I stopped buying them and only buy Mars bars now until snickers are made here again.

  9. RIK

    26 September

    Mars have had plenty of time to complete the Ballarat upgrades. It is clearly a false statement that the intention was to return manufacturing to Australia. Bullshit from Mars so Cadbury only from now on 🙁

  10. Eric

    17 October

    Give me a break, the formula is the exact same and there is zero difference in taste no matter where it’s made. Nobody noticed anything until people pointed out the manufacturing details. Blind nationalism at its finest.

  11. Jacqui

    21 November

    Checking every label now.
    They wont bring them back unless we stop buying them ! And they try to hide it because they know !!
    Pans they don’t taste the same for sure feel 🤮

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