Machinery For Macaron Lovers

Machinery For Macaron Lovers

Van Rooy Machinery has developed macaron specifications for their newly available Delfin Mino 400 machine program.

Using a range of different attachments, the Delfin depositors are very versatile machines capable of a wide range of products, including wire cut and extruded biscuits, choux pastry, sponge slabs, muffins, friands and much more. A full range of depositor systems to suit all products and production types are available.

Van Rooy Machinery has adjusted recipes and parameters to ensure a smooth top for its macarons.

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  1. Alex Fores

    10 September


    Just wondering if this machine is suitable for a French macaron recipe? Also what is the price and delivery to Christie’s Beach, South Australia?

    Kindest, Alex

    • Kelly James

      13 September

      Hi Alex,

      We are not sure on the final details of the machine. It is supplied by:

      We will pass on your details and get them to contact you—They’re always happy to assist! 🙂

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