“Law abiding” biscuits cause stir in UK

“Law abiding” biscuits cause stir in UK

They say all publicity is good publicity, and that has been the case for a Scottish bakery that started selling a controversial “law-abiding” version of a classic biscuit, causing a stir.

Ashers Bakery in Nairn started making the COVID-19 themed shortbread biscuits, based on their classic kilt-wearing MacGinger biscuits as a fun twist on the current pandemic climate, but some took it more seriously.

The ‘Law Abiding Scots’ biscuits are shortbread people with pink and blue icing masks and kilts, and as cute and topical as they are, they’ve left a bitter taste in the mouth of some social media users who clearly oppose masks.

One commenter described the biscuits as a “seriously bad business move”, adding “I hope it boosts your sales for now because it has done your reputation no good”.

Another wrote, “Is this a joke? Sorry, won’t be buying.”

The joke appears to be on the naysayers however; with Ashers revealing the cute biscuits are so popular they have increased production.

“We had not expected the debate that it opened on our Facebook after launching the new product,” co-managing director Ali Asher told British Baker.

“We certainly do not want to offend anyone who is anti-wearing a facemask – they have every right to their opinion on the matter, as do people who are pro-wearing facemasks. We just ask that people are kind and respectful to each other.”

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