The Burleigh Baker heads north

The artisan sourdough loaves, pastries and other assorted baked goods are well worth traveling for, but northernmost Gold Coast residents will no longer have far to go as the iconic Burleigh Baker heads north, opening a second store.

The new location at the Esplanade, Paradise Point opened in July and is a bakehouse and shopfront with the same range everyone knows and loves from James Street – award-winning sourdough, artisan breads, sweet and savoury pastries (pies, sausage rolls, croissants and tarts), fresh sandwiches, specialty coffee by local roaster Handsome Coffee, as well as a dine-in and takeaway breakfast menu.

Burleigh Baker is known for using organic flour and locally grown ingredients to handcraft and bake using leaven method and stone hearths. Their bread is made using a long-fermentation method and is intended to eat on the day of baking, European style.

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