La Myrtille: Valentin Mille Is The Perfect

La Myrtille: Valentin Mille Is The Perfect

As we come to the end of the blueberry season, Brisbane-based patisserie Chouquette has found the perfect way to celebrate the humble little berry. The La Myrtille is the perfect combination of light and delicate flavours and textures, however, be warned—one will never be enough.

About Valentin Mille

Chouquette Head Chef Valentin Mille was born in Colmar, Alsace, which is also the home town of the world famous pâtissier Pierre Hermé. Valentin began his career at the age of 16 as an apprentice in a traditional French patisserie in Colmar.

He continued his apprenticeship at one of the oldest 3-star Michelin restaurants l’Auberge de l’Ill, a landmark in the Alsacien gastronomy. At the age of 20, Chef Valentin moved to Paris to join the Restaurant Guy Savoy, one of the best restaurants in the world. After just a few years, Valentin became Chef Pâtissier Tournant within the Guy Savoy Group.

After six years at Guy Savoy, Valentin decided to move to Brisbane, home town of his wife, Phoebe, whom he met at Guy Savoy.

Before joining Chouquette as a Head Chef in March 2017, Valentin worked at Gerard’s Bistro, along with the famous Australian chef Ben Williamson.

His philosophy is based on the respect of the French tradition and savoir-faire, working with the seasons, the local products as well as being creative and innovative without compromising the quality. Valentin was also awarded Best Pastry Chef 2018 by Gault & Millau.


1. Citrus Cake
2. Whipped Lime Ganache
3. Blueberry Insert
4. Blueberry And Raspberry Mousse
5. Blueberry Glaze
6. Dehydrated Raspberries
7. Fresh Raspberries


Citrus Cake

300g marzipan
800g sugar
80g inverted sugar
1kg eggs
360g butter
240g pure cream
310g agrumes juice
15 zests of lime
640g flour
16g baking powder
Melted cocoa butter

Whipped Lime Ganache

*makes 200 individual pieces*
1500g pure cream
4 lime zests
90g gelatin mas
340g Opalys Valrhona white chocolate

Blueberry Insert

*makes 200 individual pieces*
250g blueberry puree
20g inverted sugar
3g xantham gum
1kg blueberries

Blueberry and Raspberry Mousse

*makes 200 individual pieces*
670g raspberry puree
260g blueberry puree
20g egg white powder
1750g blueberry puree
390g glucose syrup
450g melted gelatin mass
82g sugar
12g xantham gum

Blueberry Glaze

300g blueberry puree
600g water
420g glucose syrup
1g purple powder colourant
40g sugar
20g pectin
4g kappa


Citrus Cake

For four trays (40-60cm) (flexiplan) = 930g/tray
• Mix with the paddle: marzipan, sugar andinverted sugar
• Ad the eggs one by one, whipping the mix withthe whisk
• Melt butter, pure cream, agrumes juice and lime juice all together
• Pass flour and baking powder through a net and then mix the liquid mix gently with the ribbon, then slowly add the powders.
• Pour on greased flexiplan and bake for 14-15 minutes at 145 degrees
• When cool, return and cover with melted cocoa butter.

La Myrtille
Whipped Lime Ganache

• Boil the cream with the lime zest, coverfor an hour then reboil and pour on the gelatin mass and white chocolate.
• Mix and then let it sit overnight
• Whip it smooth.

Blueberry Insert

• Mix the blueberry puree, inverted sugar and xantham gum (until foamy), then pour on blueberries
• Mix and then pour into half sphere mold with ganache, then freeze.

La Myrtille  La Myrtille

  Blueberry and Raspberry Mousse

• Mix together until foamy
• Gently mix with the egg white mix,then add 420g whipped cream.

La Myrtille
Blueberry Glaze

• Boil the blueberry puree, water,glucose syrup and purple powder colourant
• Add the sugar, pectin and kappa,then reboil mix and pass.

La Myrtille

• Glaze the frozen entremets, then dip them into dehydrated raspberry powder.
• Finish with fresh blueberries, and add silver leaf

La Myrtille

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