Husk Bakery revives cob loaves in permanent store

Husk Bakery revives cob loaves in permanent store

Previously a farmer’s market- and delivery truck-based operation, Canberra’s Husk Bakery now has a proper shopfront, and is embarking on a cob loaf revival.

Once the star of the party, the old-fashioned dip-in-a-cob-loaf had faded into obscurity along with cocktail onions and curried eggs, but at Husk, it is once again the star—of the menu.

Consisting of a loaf of bread (cob, obviously) hollowed out and filled with delicious things, Husk has a cob for every meal.

The Big Breakfast Cob is filled to the brim with eggs any way you want them, crispy bacon, gourmet sausage, sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomato, a hash brown, bacon, and house-made baked beans, while the vegetarian version replaces the meats with oven-roasted field mushrooms, roast vegetables and honey-glazed avocado.

Lunchtime sees the cob feature bacon and cheese, pumpkin, feta and spinach with pine seeds, or chicken kiev.

Husk Bakery’s Fyshwich store had its grand opening on October 27.

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