How to be happy and healthy in business

How to be happy and healthy in business

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Running a business is supposed to be fun, and it’s not meant to kill us. That means you have to put happiness and your health as priorities when you work for yourself, but how do you do that?

Happiness is something we all strive for in our day to day, and achieving a level of happiness can be simpler than you think.

How to be happier

I’m not remotely suggesting that the only paths to happiness at work are in the steps below. I am, however, saying that they’re a good start and ought to make everyone, at least a little bit, happier.

Don’t forget happiness is different for everybody

Research suggests we are all born with a certain level of ‘resting happiness’. While you can make a positive impact on your own happiness, some people are simply happier than others, and that’s not a bad thing.

Involve others

Human beings are a social species. Our happiness is tied to the happiness of the people around us. That means, in business, you need to involve your team, your employees, and your colleagues to be happy.

Always be present and attentive

You can’t be happy if you’re not in the room. Giving people your full attention makes them feel good and happy. Other people’s happiness will boost your happiness. Plus, it’s easier to succeed in business if you’re living in the moment, rather than worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

Give other people choice and control, and extend the courtesy to yourself

Business is not meant to be a jail. Make sure those who work with you have some choice over where they work, how they work, who they work with, etc., and then do the same for yourself. Happiness comes from being free.

Make sure everyone around you knows they matter

It’s not enough to acknowledge that other people exist in business; you need to make them feel valued. Recognise the contributions of others and reward them for it. Watch their happiness become your happiness.

How to stay healthy at work

Ideally, we’d all eat a perfect diet, get eight hours sleep a night, and do two hours of exercise each day. Sadly, that’s not practical for everyone, but you can:

Unplug during the course of the day

There’s a reason employers give employees breaks. If you’re the boss, you need to give yourself a break too. Time to rest and recharge during the day keeps you on top of things, rather than worn out and exhausted. And if you’re tired, your health suffers in the long run.

Sleep is the most important factor in health

Not only does getting a full night’s sleep make you healthy, but it also enables you to pay attention and make good decisions when you’re working. Your health will make or break your business.

Exercise and eat as healthy as possible

We’re not going to chase you around with a stopwatch, but taking at least a few minutes for a walk at lunchtime and passing over that tasty burger for a healthier salad will bring dividends in the longer term.

Consider getting a dog

Dogs are amazing company at home. They’re also brilliant at getting their owners to go out for a walk. That walk you keep putting off until doomsday.

Cut out toxic relationships

OK. Sometimes you can’t, but you can manage to limit your exposure to a toxic person if you can’t cut them out completely. If a relationship doesn’t make you feel grateful or positive, it’s draining your energy and impacting your health.

Give thanks regularly

Giving thanks for the things you love makes you feel good. Feeling good leads to feeling healthy. Plus, it helps you to remember that your life is already amazing while you’re striving to make it better.

Final thoughts on happiness and healthiness in business

We all need to be happy and healthy, and this is doubly true if you’re in business. The good news is that it’s not so hard to take care of these things, and by doing so, you’re also setting your business up for future success.

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