High-fibre wheat arrives in Australia

High-fibre wheat arrives in Australia

wheat stalks in a grainfield (high fibre wheat)

In a new joint venture between the CSIRO and Limagrain, a French farmer-led cooperative, a high-fibre wheat will become available on the Australian market sometime this year, sold exclusively by Allied Pinnacle.
The new grain, which was developed over 20 years by Arista Cereals, is high in amylose, where the resulting flour contains six times more fibre than standard wheat flour, without any compromise on taste.
“We are investing in the future health of Australia by bringing the CSIRO-developed High Fibre Wheat to Australian. Unlike other ‘healthy flours’, High Fibre Wheat and the resulting flour it yields looks, tastes, and bakes like regular flour, answering consumer demand for healthier products that don’t require any new eating habits. It’s a true grain to table solution that we’re proud to provide,” says Allied Pinnacle CEO David Pitt.
The new high fibre wheat delivers health benefits for consumers relating to both the amount of fibre and the type of fibre, specifically for good gut health. The naturally high fibre content is delivered through conventional breeding to provide more resistant starch than traditional wheat, with a host of preventative health benefits.
High Fibre Wheat products are already available in the USA and are currently being developed in both the European and Japanese markets.
Of the new foray into the Australian market, Arista CEO Eric Vaschalde says, “Following the introduction of this High Fibre Wheat I the USA, Japan, and Europe, I am delighted to announce a long-term partnership in Australia… High Fibre Wheat flour will soon be available to the Australian market. Consumers will now be able to enjoy the benefits of increased fibre in their favourite white bread, using only wheat, with no compromise to taste.”

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