Grain Bakery opens Shenton Park location

Grain Bakery opens Shenton Park location

interior of Grain Bakery (no customers)

Grain Bakery, based in Lathlain, Perth, has recently opened its second store in Shenton Park. The bakery is run by the Pallot family and prides itself on producing quality baked goods that echo the classics of the past.

The new Grain Bakery Shenton Park carries on the traditions and aesthetics of the original Lathlain store, with the community focus being important for the owners when deciding on the secondary location.

“[Lathlain] is such a community area,” Shane Pallot, owner of Grain Bakery and fourth-generation baker who has owned bakeries throughout WA, told Broadsheet.

“There’s a school, there’s a park, we’ve got the [West Coast] Eagles around the corner and all the regular customers are amazing.”

This is something that the team wanted to replicate with Grain Bakery Shenton Park, Shane said.

“When we were looking for somewhere else to open, those were the things we were looking for and what we wanted to build the concept on,” he said.

The new Grain Bakery Shenton Park will also offer up some of the same classic products that the Lathlain store became so loved for—horseshoe rolls and high-top loaves, as well as other delicious bread items, pastries, and coffees. However, the new store will also be providing some newer-school options, such as a Reuben-inspired pain Suisse.

The new location is also larger than its counterpart, with more room for patrons to sit and enjoy their baked treats inside and outside. The new store also has a dedicated takeaway window, where customers will be able to collect pastries, but mostly coffees.

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