Goodness Hits a New Low

Muffin Break has released a low-GI, low-sodium and lower-carb muffin range as part of its growing portfolio of healthy bakery alternatives.

The berry, nut and seed muffin, and the lower-carb macadamia, mango and passionfruit muffin, have been five years in the making following rigorous nutritional analysis.

Featuring a variety of better-for-you ingredients including chickpea flour, chia seeds, almond meal and natural Greek yoghurt, the Lower Carb range is full of goodness according to Food and Nutrition Australia accredited practicing dietitian and director Sharon Natoli.

“It’s great to see Muffin Break introduce a healthier option as part of their product range, without compromising quality and taste. The Lower Carb option provides 70 per cent less carbohydrate, 75 per cent less sugar and 47-49 per cent less kilojoules compared to a standard Muffin Break muffin,” she said.

“The muffins have also been tested to confirm they have a low-GI. This will be particularly suitable for those who want to manage their total kilojoule intake for the day while still enjoying something sweet when out and about.”

Muffin Break Australia and New Zealand marketing manager Gemma Fitzsimons said the brand recognised balance is important to customers, who have made it clear they want healthy options from food retailers.

“The chia and linseeds in this muffin are a great source of omega 3, protein, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. Baked fresh every morning, this moreish muffin is bursting with goji berries, boysenberry, blackcurrant and apple compote to sweeten even the most sour of days,” she said.

“The goodness factor doesn’t stop there as the army of berries supply antioxidants that help protect cells in the body from damage along with vitamin C and beta-carotene which are both important for a healthy immune system.”

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