‘Glazed fat cookies’ heading for Melbo...

‘Glazed fat cookies’ heading for Melbourne and Perth

Legendary Melbourne bakers and dessert innovators, Ox Rabbit, have come up with their best invention yet: the Glazed Fat Cookie, heading for Melbourne and Perth customers next week.

Putting the signature Ox Rabbit spin on a traditional cookie, this indulgent product is not for the faint of heart. Combining the best elements of your usual cookies and donuts, the Glazed Fat Cookies are created with Ox Rabbit’s famous cookie dough, stuffed with sweet treats and glazed with a donut-style frosting.

A box of 10 cookies retails for $55, and comes with two of each flavour:

  • Original Glaze – dark choc chip filling, with a donut glaze
  • Strawberry Shortcake – crushed strawberry cookie filling, with a strawberry glaze
  • Double Chocolate – crushed chocolate cookie, with a chocolate glaze
  • Cookies and Cream – crushed Oreos filling, with a white chocolate glaze
  • Lotus – crushed lotus cookie filling, with a lotus spread glaze

The Fat Glazed Cookies are a limited-edition product, exclusively for Ox Rabbit’s Melbourne and Perth customers. The product will officially launch online on Monday, October 18, and will be available for local delivery through to Saturday, October 30—so cookie lovers will need to get in quick!

The bakery famous for its brownies started in Perth, and launched in Melbourne this year.

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