Foods that make social distancing a breeze

Foods that make social distancing a breeze

No one has ever liked the feeling of the next customer in line standing a bit too close, but in COVID-19 times it takes on a whole new meaning. Luckily, some great thinkers in the industry are creating foods that make social distancing a breeze.

With the gradual reopening of venues and getting back to a new normal comes an even bigger emphasis on social distancing.

A Japanese bakery went viral for its new “social distancing bread” – a baguette measuring one metre in length.


Riviere Pain in the city of Miyazaki has created the extra-long French baguettes as a visual cue for how far apart customers need to stand, and they’ve been a hit locally, even making their way to the French Embassy.

If you’re a bit more of a sweet tooth, an Aussie chocolate maker has given the perfect excuse to buy a whole 1.5 metres of chocolate.

Melba’s Chocolates in South Australia announced the arrival of their “1.5ocial Distancing Chocolate” tubes on May 21. Even better, the chocolate is accessible from both ends of the tube, “making for a safe way to snack with a friend” while maintaining the safe distance.

Coming in three sizes including Deluxe (, Mixed Dozen (1.7kg) filled with a selection of the company’s most popular chocolates, and the Tube Only to be filled with treats of your choosing, the tubes are available for purchase online (SA residents only due to size) and in store.

It’s certainly a tasty way to ensure you’re keeping your distance to stop the spread of the virus!

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