What’s Your Flavour? Free pies for a year

What’s Your Flavour? Free pies for a year

Banjo’s Bakery Café is giving pie lovers the chance to win the Holy Grail: a year’s supply of free pies.

The bakery chain, which boasts more than 40 stores across Australia, is known for its wild pie flavours including Chicken Parmigiana (pictured), Double Cheeseburger and Tasmanian Scallop.

Banjo’s CEO Jessica Saxby said the bakery is calling on people to guess the bakery’s next pie flavour, going into the competition to win a pie a day for a year.

“Banjo’s Bakery Café hopes to capture the imagination of our pie-loving nation and see what out-of-the-box flavours our new and existing customers guess for our next Signature Pie,” said Ms Saxby.

“Our team have had a wonderful time creating all of the Signature Pies, from concept and taste-testing, to seeing our lovely customers enjoy them – perhaps some of the consumer suggestions will become future staples on our menu.

“Banjo’s puts community at its core and we hope during this tough and challenging time, guessing the new and innovative pie flavour can bring together families and friends, and provide a welcome distraction.

“Pies bring up nostalgic childhood memories, such as weekend sporting matches, school tuckshop treats and country road trips – we want to encourage these memories and conversations in the thought process”.

To submit your pie flavour guess, simply visit the Banjo’s ‘What’s Your Flavour?’ page and submit your idea. Entries close on June 7.

The winner will be announced on June 16, with the new flavour revealed on June 17.

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