Flour and Chocolate removes sandwich menu as cost ...

Flour and Chocolate removes sandwich menu as cost of living pressures increase

Pictured is a sandwich with cheese and deep-fried red onion rings. The two pieces of bread are bound together with brown twine

Rising operating costs have been blamed in Brisbane-based bakery Flour and Chocolate removing the sandwich selection from its three stores.

Flour and Chocolate owner Lachlan Scott said in a statement on the bakery’s Instagram that they would be closing the sandwich section at the three stores to “ensure that we continue to remain operating throughout this challenging economic climate”.

“We have made the difficult decision to reduce the variety of items we offer, based on their current sales,” the statement continued.

“Most recently, costs including ingredients, rent, electricity, insurance, and other major operating costs have skyrocketed.

“We expect eggs will be the next ingredient along with chocolate to rise significantly.

“As a consequence, Kylie [wife and co-owner] and myself have made one of the most difficult decisions throughout our time as small business owners-to discontinue our sandwich section.”

Lachlan said they would continue to focus on their core product range across the three bakeries.

“We will continue to focus on excellence in our core products- the items that we have been providing since opening in 2012, including our croissants, breads, pastries, cakes, and biscuits,” the statement read.

“As a team, we will ensure that impacted staff members will be offered positions to the best of our ability.

“Flour and Chocolate will continue to supply filled croissants and all our other savoury items like our quiche, pies and sausage rolls moving forward …. as we continue to manoeuvre through these difficult times, impacting us all.”



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