Brisbane’s Brewbakers announces closure

Brisbane’s Brewbakers announces closure

Brisbane mainstay Brewbakers has announced it will be closing its doors next month.

The family-run business has bee operating for more than 30 years, however owners Richard and Caroline Cotton told The Courier Mail that the rising cost of the organic flour they use, in conjunction with the skills shortage across the industry as well as the addition of several other bakeries in the area, meant it was harder for the business to keep up.

“We thought we might’ve had [a baker] up until quite recently, but he is leaving to return to his home country,” Caroline told the news outlet.

“I think a lot of bakeries have opened nearby, probably about five or seven in the last five to seven years, so maybe if they hadn’t opened there might have been someone we would have been able to secure.”

Caroline said many of the business’s customers had been coming to Brewbakers since they were children, and were quite emotional to hear it was closing.

“In the end it will just be Coles and Woolworths left,” she said.

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