Five Minutes with: Coeliac Australia’s Tom M...

Five Minutes with: Coeliac Australia’s Tom Mcleod

Five Minutes with: Coeliac Australia’s Tom Mcleod

What Do Bakery Businesses Need To Know About The G Luten-Free Trend?

Don’t treat coeliac disease as a ‘fad’. Coeliac disease is not a choice, it is a genetic predisposition. As simple as it sounds, be educated. Retailers can seek out Coeliac Australia-endorsed products, as the coeliac community is very attuned to which products they can and cannot consume.

What Criteria Does A Product Have To Meet Be Certified G Luten-Free?

The Coeliac Australia Endorsement Program, utilising the Crossed Grain Logo, is a trademark owned and administered by Coeliac Australia. Products that use this logo are gluten-free, subject to laboratory testing every 12 months, are free from oats or malted barley, and are packaged and ready for sale.

Why Are More And More People Beingdiagnosed With Coelia C Disease?

Better diagnosis rates in recent years can be partially attributed to improved awareness of the condition, but there has also been a true increase in the incidence of coeliac disease. It has been suggested this is due to an environmental change, most probably involving the increased prevalence of grain in our diets. Additionally, our increasingly clean environment reduces the challenges that impact on the developing immune system, making people more susceptible to immune disorders and allergies.

Where’s The G Luten-Free Industry Heading?

Read a fascinating article recently that said the global gluten-free packaged food market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 6 per cent through to 2019. This is, in part, driven by the perception that gluten-free foods are healthier (this is not always the case). In such a growth market it is reasonable to assume that we will see new product innovation. The days of gluten-free products being substandard are fast becoming a distant memory.

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