Finding baking success from a young age

Finding baking success from a young age

Blended Townsville has become a well-known name in the baking game with two youngsters at the helm. Izzy and Georgia Bancroft—both nine and 10 years old—are the masterminds behind the delicious baked treats up in Far North Queensland.

The girl’s mother, Jacinta, remembers when she was younger wanting to earn some extra pocket money selling eggs and chickens from the farm she grew up on. When her daughters wanted to start their own business, she knew all too well what that might look like.

In mid-2023, the girls decided they wanted to start a small business and Blended Townsville was created. Jacinta spoke to NQ Weekend and said the girls enjoyed baking cupcakes and that has grown much more since then.

“They enjoy baking, and they made cupcakes for the girls’ footy club, and donated a few hundred cakes to NAIDOC and to the local police, which were really well received,” she said.

“Then they decided they’d like to sell some to make some money, so they started with cupcakes and moved on to stuffed cookies.”

The baking has changed from just cupcakes to stuffed cookies and even cookie croissants which are another viral trend that have travelled to Australia. Through trial and error, the girls have managed to create a range of products that suit different dietary needs and are delicious.

“We did have a lot of volunteer tasters, and we tasted a lot, although Izzy is coeliac so she can’t taste them,” Jacinta said.

“Also, Georgia is dairy-free, and I am anaphylactic to soy, so we are allergy friendly, and our products accommodate all allergies.”

The young team have begun to take their treats local to markets and have had great success. Since then, they have also started shipping all over Australia and selling out at the markets.

The girls are still focussing on being kids and bake for a few hours a week amongst their other activities like sleepovers, netball and martial arts according to Jacinta. They’re also saving their profits for a trip to Disneyland in Japan.

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